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WhatsUp Event Archiver©

Automated collection and storage of logs

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WhatsUp Event Archiver Overview

Event Archiver automates the process of collecting, storing, backup and log files for auditing, regulatory compliance and log forensics. This is how it works: Event Archiver automatically saves and clears the active log files from each system, reads log entries out of the log files into a central database (e.g. Microsoft SQL or Oracle), and finally compresses the log files and stores them centrally on a secure server. WhatsUp Event Archiver has been awarded the Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command because it meets the U.S. Army's strict security, sustainability and interoperability requirements.

Did you know that some compliance regulations mandates log data retention for seven years or more? Having log data ready in a central database greatly reduces risks and the potential for lost hours when an auditor comes knocking. Use WhatsUp Event Archiver to eliminate tedious manual log files collection activities and save time; easily archive log data to meet compliance and auditing requirements; and ensure log data integrity.

With WhatsUp Event Archiver you can:

  • Automate log file collection tasks across system and devices for log forensics, compliance and auditing.
  • Enable remote collection of log files from across the distributed network
  • Ensure log file integrity and complete protection against log file tampering via cryptographic hashing
  • Automatically store, archive and back-up log files as required
  • Eliminate management headaches related to maintaining large and growing log file databases
  • Meet regulatory requirements on what log data you need to collect, store and hold over time
  • Use it independently or as part of the WhatsUp family of Event Log Management solutions